thursday, april 10, 2008

Schott’s Original Miscellany

I have finally found what I have been looking for all my life: a book that duplicates the experience of aimlessly surfing the Web.

tuesday, march 13, 2007

Quote Me

“Why not deliver a very simple message in a stylish manner?”

sunday, march 11, 2007

Does Unix inherently create unpolished hacks?

While procrastinating on my Argumentative Memo 2, I played around with the ’Smackbook” stuff that is floating around the web, and noted that it’s a cobbled-together combo of Perl, an Objective-C hook to Desktop Manager, and Amit Singh’s AMSTracker. Perl makes this very easy to create, but the end product is not easy to use or install.

Maybe the whole ’small utilities piped together” philosophy of Unix, the "Hole Hawg does it well" philosophy, inherently makes it difficult to create polished tools? If something is possible in an inelegant way, does that dissuade others from finishing it up and making it elegant?

thursday, february 1, 2007

Server Update

Now that this machine is on a wired connection and not wireless, access to this site should be somewhat improved.

thursday, march 23, 2006

abook: A UNIX Command-Line Interface to the Apple Address Book

This used to be available here on about a year ago, and I am linking it again for those hardcore CLI fans who scorn Quicksilver (or who have a need to access their Address Book remotely). It still works with the Tiger Address Book. It’s a PPC binary - grab it from here and stick it in your $PATH. Source is also available (please e-mail).

Update: Check out Contacts for a GPL’ed, full-featured implementation.

wednesday, january 11, 2006

Quote of the Day

Everyone spoke of an information overload, but what there was in fact was a non-information overload.
Richard Saul Wurman

friday, january 6, 2006

Bible Search Updated

If you are looking for an updated DT file for your Bible Search program, right-click this and download it, and then copy the file to "/Library/Bible" on your Mac, and the DT passages should start showing up again.

friday, january 6, 2006

Just Kidding

I guess I should admit now that the continuing maintenance of is a pleasant fiction. I am, however, still alive. Happy New Year!

thursday, september 29, 2005

Disk Failure

Sorry, folks, the site is down due to a disk failure. Although I was able to recover almost all the data, the MySQL database which contains the content for this site has temporarily vanished. If you are dying to see the old site back online please e-mail me, and I'll put aside everything else I have to do and work on it nonstop until it goes back up. –M

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